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by Matt Comics


Well, hello everyone. My name is Matt and I'm not good at opening sentences...

This "comic" is something I've been doing for fun since 2009 (I started drawing many years before, though). Despite very humble beginnings, this is so far my most important project. I hope you'll enjoy it.

New and updated description below: (and feel free to check out the FAQ page as well!)

Ever heard of "life embellished"? That's what The Redac started as. I once decided to start a parodic diary of my life at home, and added lots of interesting things (fantasy plots, dinosaurs, stuff that came up when I played with my sister, etc).

Over the years, the focus shifted to the fictional lore I accumulated, but many real (if warped) details are still there. Notably, one of the protagonists is basically me...

"The Redac" is now more of an artifact title than anything, but I still think it sounds cool. It comes from the fact that I was adapting/warping/redacting my life into a wacky universe. Btw, the cosmic sheet of paper up there is the personification of The Redac!

Let's start this project! :)

-Matt Comics

Permalink: https://the-redac.the-comic.org/comics/pl/844478

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DOUBLE R December 8, 2017 edit delete reply

Good Man count with me for the ride,best regards.
Matt Comics December 8, 2017 edit delete reply

Matt Comics
Double thanks, man! Glad you like it.